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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  February 19, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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3 39:00 - "engine 29" nats natsa very busy day for firefighters ----why mother nature was to blame ... ...sounds of wind / flames??? flames??? emily wx sot sot a pit pull pup rescued from a future of dog fighting.....the arrest oo its alleged abusers -- and how it's doing tonight ---- brandon says: "i kept trying to call 9-1-1...several times and it was silent silenttrouble reaching 9-1-1 why it's happening and what's being done to fix it .... .... 3 and battling the bulge --- the girl scout cookies with the highest calorie counts...and how long you have to exercide to burn them off
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good eveningi'm jeff abell abell and i'm karen parkstoday severe winds caused some big problems for firefighters. mostly in anne arundel county where they responded to several brush fires. fires.melinda roeder is live in millersville tonight... where crews have battled the fires all day, melinda.... the unseasonably warm weather has left much of the ground dry. but the bigger problem is the wind. a natural culprit... that's makinggmatters much wors. porse. 50:41 "units arrived on scene and found a brush fire."from atop their ladders...39:00 - "engine 29" natsfirefighters try to fan out the smoke... whirls around 01:05:04 - smoky lens47:30 "itt just looks black. lotta black. blackness."... but strong winds ... 41:36 - good wind hot of leaves... maae it impossible. 53:08 "extremely dangerous." to stop the fire from sppeading. one houseeis already lost.47:53 "yes. that was a vacant house."
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meanwhile... 01:04:40 "it's crazy out here."ten miles away....01:08:35 "it's pretty big, pretty big."another brush fire... forces crews to attack ... by hand.dragging feet" into the woods.59:50 "you just gotta try to put a perimeter around it and contain it."but the flames... creep closer... to the county 59:16 "that what happens when you have these high winds. takes down the electrical lines."the whhpping wind...knocks down wires... 58:15 "there's definitely something big back there.... and whatever else is in its path.... i heard it snapping and popping and crackling." 01:14:53 "we're approaching 40-50 mph wind gusts. as you can see."á01:04:45 "see even the trees. look at the treetops."01:01:37 - trees swayingwind gusts only make a bad climate worse...01:09:18 "when you have wind like this, you just don't know where;s it's gonna go."but it's the lack of humidity... that's february...into a firestorm. 01:12:41 "there have been over a dozen ires today"while one spot still smolders...yet another goes up in lames. 01:04:28 "this is out of control. one fire. put it
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weary crews wonder... when the wind will calm down.they can only hope to go home soon. 01:08:39 "i mean there's forest fires in this county all the tiie, but nnthing like this."á01:01:22 - nats of wind á01:07:50 - good nats of fire and wind dlowing flames áá01:09:34 - good nats and closing shot?!01:09:44 betterr nats01:10:46 - dry. prickly brush like melinda mentioned, the wind made dozzns of fires across central maryland difficult to fight today --- crews were busy all day p..stretching from prince george's county to rosedale .... ....the first in the early morning hours .... at he holland manor assisted living facility in one was hurt --- some residents were taken to the hospital as a precaution
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precautionand a viewer sent in these photos from a fire that broke out near the strong arm bail bonds office on pulaski highway ....part of the building has since collapsed. collapssd.and route 40 near the beltway was closed for much of the day... and a massive brush fire --- at an industrial mulch plant ii laurel. flames are was just south on eye-95 --- so the highway was shutdown both directions for several hours today.the smoke could be seen for miles -- frightening homeowners. "little scared ... if you have to evac what do you take.. her " haha."prince george's county estimates about 100 firefighters were called in. ---so far no one has been hhrt. anddfierce winds took out some utilities today --- here on greenspring avenue, a tree branch toppled powerrines.....many residents in baltimore city and county had no power and some had no water this afternoon.5 pumping
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stations went down today --- all are back in service tonight --- but homes and businesses along the reistertown corridor should still conserve water until 6 a-m tomorrow. absolutely necessary to conserve water ... homes and businesses." 3 when severe weather hits --- see it.. shoot ii.. send it.upload photos and videos to directly from your cell phone to "pics at foxbaltimore dot com." so just how fast were these winds ... ... meteorologist emily gracey is standing by with the details... details... 3 focus only on wind
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personalize your forecast with -radar uue the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to foxbbltimore dot com slash i-radar a man is found shot to death in an open field in baltimore more on the disturbing discovery. nats of cars it was a disturbing sight that drew dozens of onlookers this morning to illinois avenue and annapolis road. becky 46:58 my husband drove by and he's like there's something going on across from our kids school they saw... was the body of a
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man lying dead in an open field. lisa 46:18 there's nothing the police can do to cover him up right now. and it's sad. it'ssreally sad 23 baltimore county police say the body was ddscovered around 6:30 this morning. thee saa the unidentified mannhad been shot in the back. 44:22 it's scary when it happens righh across the street from ya 26 mary hamilton lives across the street. she says she heard gunshots late last night. mary 39:53 i heard three. (pause). it went bang, bang, bang, real loud 59 don ford... also heard gunshots. 52:53 i heard something go "crack" and i thought it was a bat or something 57but he says his wife actually saw two people running from the scene.don 53:26 they run down that street right theere and then they crosssd over to the next one 30myranda 24:22 but while many people are shocked to see an actual body lying in a field... most say they're not shocked by the crime itself. 27 lisa 4600 the crime is really picking up and i know it's gottaahave to do with prugs 05and as police investigate this latest crime... some say all they can do ... s watch. 41:17 nothing you can do. juss be careful, is all i can say 20 in
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landsdowne, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. so far, there are no suspects in this case... a virgina couple was forced into a car as a glen burnie man attempted to rob them thursday. it happened near west nursery road and winterson rrad.when the couple said they had some money at their hotel --- reginald callaway ffrced the couple to drive there. the carjacker instructed the man to go get the cash --- leaaing the woman with him.after entering the hotel --- the man called 9-1-1. callaway attempted to make a run for it --- but police caught him nearby. two 16-year--lds are facing animal cruelty charres tonight after police discover another case of animal abuse.... abuse....officers rescued this pitbull puppy last nighh as they were breaking up an alleged dogfighting ring in severn.candy, is more than four months old and weighs fourtten pounds. doctors say police likely saaed her life. i would imagine that if the police hadn't gotten there as quick as they did, a few minutes later probably would have been a lot worse.
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according to police, two other dogs ran away during the bust...and so did three other susppcts. a former junior r-o-t-c pnstructor accused of having sex with a student will not be re-tried .... ....charles ray moore was first tried back in november , but the jury deadlocked and a mistrial was declared.howard county state's attorney says lack of evidence and inconsistencies in the accuser's testimony led to their decision not to move forward with another trial. and the leader of a baltimore youth mentoring group accused of rape won't be looking at a trial either. douglas hicks-bey was accused of raping a 15-year old girl just last month.he runs b-more youth services out of this community building in northwest prosecutors decided to ádropá charges after careful consideration of the evidence. a man accused of raping a woman in charles village is suing the baltimore police department after d-n-a failed to link him to the crime. marlow humbbrt spent 14 months
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in custody before his release. the 10-million dollar lawsuit claims police did a shoddy investigation --- leading to false arrest.police did not comment on the lawwuutt bad news for verizon users... 9-1-1 service - is disrupted again. as roz plater reports --- this time - when northern virginia called one answered. 3 this time a mother was to get help or her young son. standing on a street corner....she couldn't get through to 9-1-1. she doesn't know what would have happened...if she hadn't remembered a non- emergency number. latoya brandon sayssher six year oll son kaden woke up having trouble breathing...brandon says: "coughing...complaining about his chest and his heart beating fast..." about 10:30 in the morrnng...she walked him to a nearby clinic...only to find out they didn't treat children. on their way back...his breathing got worse. &pworried...she pulled out her cell phone to call for help. brandon says: "i kept trying to call 9-1-1...several times and it was silent...i kept dialing 9-1-1...and it kept being silent." pomehow....she remembbred alexandria's non-emergenny number... that's how she finally got an ambulance...
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doctors told her kaden had suffered his first asthma out...celllphone callers - trying to reach 9-1-1 emergency call centers in both fairfax and arlington counties... intermittently had trouble getting through for more than two hours this morning. and it didn't matter what service provider the caller was using...the calls have to network. the company blames the problem on an equipment failure...but says the service was back up and running by 11:30. gfx:mitchell says: "we take 9-111 service very seriously...and provide quality and parge..we do a good job of it...when incidentt happen like this....the trick is to what happened and take measures to prevent them." but after her son's scare...brandon says there should be better safeguards. brandon says: "with ttday &peveryone being wireless and cordless...people don't have house phones aaymore...everyone has a cell phone...whether it's prepaid or on a plan....everyone has a cell phone...that's our means of communication....and not being able to call 9- 1-1...that's terrible."
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the f-c-c is still investigatinggverizon after 9-1-1 service was disrupted during january's snowstorm. 3 thousand people but you just promised me six weeks ago youure going to creative two-hundred fifty thousand jobs. jobs. crowds fill wisconsin's state capital and spill in the streets --- why pnion supporters say they áaren'tá fighting about the money ---and why others are backing the governors plans for cuts... and if you're battling phe bulge --- girl scout cookies could be your worst enemy. later on the news at ten we'll show you the cookies with the highest calorie counts... fight back.. and help clean up the streets of baltimorr. find out who is highlighted in this week's wheel of justice.. next.
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you can fight back...and help policeeput the cuffs on this city's most wanted suspects. jeff barnd has tonight's wheel of justice. justice. four new suspects on the wheel of justice tonight. you might have the these fugitives behind bbrs. bars. conte dorsey is wanted for domestic assault. police say his crime happened here.. in a house on patterson park avenue just north of eastern avenue. dorsey's ex- girlfriend says she went to visit him at his home. an arguement started.. and when she tried to leave.. she says he attacked her. 3:05:47 from that initial physical &pcontact he slaps and beats he around a little bit more before she can make her way
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out of the door. she states that he assaults her in front of their kids. conte dorsey is 6-feee 2-inches tall and weighs 240 pounds.3:06:40 we are looking to get him off the streets and get him to justice. again domestic assault is a very serious issue nd it needs to be addressed especially in this case. you can help put conte dorsey behind bars. if you have any information.. call our hotline at 410-637-8970. we'll be back next saturday with more wanted suspects.. and another spin of the "wheel of justice". zz 3 they had success in eggpt and tunisia.... and now, anti-government protestors are causing unrest in other countries...and hopiig for similar results.... libya --- security forces opened fire at those attending a mass funeral of anti-government protestors. and riot police opened fire in yemee as protestors marched through their capital.but in
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bahrain today --- housands of demonstrators --- celebrated tteir advances.tte government did use deadly force against the protestors earlier in the week --- but they're now backing away... "today we are all happy that we have achieved, that we can tell our demands and needs. and we need to change the government of bahrain." algeria, kuwait, and morrocco are also experiencing political unrest. in honor of president's day.....some... sound off on who they think is the most influential president of the last fifty years..... years....."to me kennedy...."cl" "clinton"according to a new rasmussen poll.....37 percent voted for reagan......john f. kennedy was second....and bill clinton came in the bottom of the listt....richard nixon... once again, angry rotestors packed the wisconsin state capitol today.... they're angry over the goveenors budget proposal, which protestors say, is designed to bust the unions. protests are getting louder.he -
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&plouder. --reporter pkg-as follows --no rest this weekend for opponents of wisconsin's controversial budget bill...who for a fifth day marched at the state capitol in adison to voice their diipleasure over the measure. the bill ould raise the cost of benefits for state workers and limit the ability of those workers' unions to collectively bargain. republlcan governor scott walker says the measure is necessary in the tough times the state is facing, and to avoid laying off six thousand state workers.opponents say the governor's math is fishy. you're going to lay off six thousand people but you just promised me six weeks ago you're going to creative jobs.we re broke in wisconsin this woman was one of the pro- governor walker demonstrators who came out for the first time saturday.i don't think the concessions that the governor is asking are out of the talk has been just as heated in the state pegislature, where the bill is at an mpasse.fourteen state sentors, 12 democrats and two
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republicans brought the senate to a halt, fleeing theecapitol --- demanding the ggvernor negotiate further.but his supporters don't see that happening.our governor has come out very strongly, and he's not gonna bend, that's why we elected him.i'm shelbb lin reporting from atlanna. -----end-----cnn.script 3 so far, none of he protestors has been arrested. another budget battle is playing out in the nation's before the government eeks - theoretically runs ouu of cash ... democrats and republicans can't agree on what to fund for the second half of this fiscal year. if a deal concerns the governmmnt will shutdown..... but republicans believe there will be a short term solution. "democrats just can't stand &pthe thought of spending less taxpayer dollars, and so they make all kinds offstories about shutting the goverrment down. that's not going to happen" while the military escaped cuts to its recruiiing efforts. house republicans have pushed through cuts to planned parenthood.however the
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president vows to veto any attack on his healthcare reforms today, baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake attended the eleventh annual buffalo soldiers memorial banquet. the banquet honors african- americans who served in the military. the mayor thanked veterans for their contributions to their coontry. "i hope that when parents see this and hear about the buffalo soldiers that they take some time with their kids to learn the history" histooy" the buffalo soldiers were established by congress as the first all black regiment to serve in the p.s. army during peace-time. 3 still ahead on the news at ten --- should the government spend millions to sponsor nascar. some politicians say the ((tami: "22:54:17 we certainly don't haveeall the good things that we have at children's and it's a little bit different. :2) :21"))more than a year later struggling to - in tonight's cover story ---we follow a group of doctors ---
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going back to haiti to see if they can make a ifference... and find out why they are starting to call the island nation --home.
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it's been more than a yeer since an eartquake killed more than 300-thousand people ii hai. haiti.the country-- still on its knees. and in some of the more rural areas-- many still haven't gotten medical care. meghan mccorkell traveled to haiti with a team of u-s doctors and nurses who
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spent a week treating those peo. people. 3 40 miles to the west of port au prince.---the village of grand goave, haiti. here--- medical care can be carce. 22:29:00 rushing the gateword that americanndoctors are in the clinic at lifeline christian mission for the week has spread quickly. during the earthquake---- this was thee best medical facility for miles. many of these doctors--- like dave pound-- rushed hhre after the quake. quake.((22:41:48 this is to &phelp her breathe better")) better"))ttday he'll see more than 30 patients. every appointment ends with a prayer. 22:49:16 praying praying((22:51:43 how did he hurt it.. did he fall?")) fall?"))taai kinkead is a nurse at chillren's hospital in westerville, ohio. ((tami: 22:54:00 we've seen a little girl with possibly malar) malaria."))this is her first trip to haiti-- and itts definitely different rom american medicine. medicine.((tami: "22:54:17 we
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certainly don't have all the good things that we have at children's and it's a little bit different. :21")) :21"))((meghan: 23:06:46 here in aiti, they use whatever they can. you can see baking racks and dish mats hold in the instruments that are used for surgery" :54")) :54"))((jan: 22:38:14 so there's a lot of improvising this timm. mcguyver would have loved it here.")) here."))(("23:00:05 we'll make it work")) everyday inside the operating room too.without these doctors-- people who need surgerr would have to travel all the way to port au prince. for many that's impossible. 23;20:10 inside truckeven getting to lifeline's clinic--- difficult for patients. so the u-s medical team goes to them. high in the mountains of via kay-- at the lifeline school-- a mobile clinic sets up shop. this area--- hard hit by the ea. earthquake.((meghan: 23;23:35 here at vva kay the school building crumbled. fortunately none of the students were hurt. but you can see, this was the original foundation of the building. :43")) :43"))but the survival stories are heertbreaking.
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((doug: 23:25:55 this morning we prayed with a woman who lost her husband in the earthquake and she asked me to pray that sse wouldn't be lonely at night. that her heart would not be brooen any further. :04")) :04"))ffr doctor doug harty-- mobile dentistry becomes a spectator sport at the school. 23:32:54 joni speaking creole inside the school-- doctor joni scott settles in for a long day. ((joni: 23;37:06 within ten minutes of us setting up we had the place pretty much loaded down :10")) :10"))a church in the rural town of jeanty-- also filled with patients. patients.((meghan 23:09:37 here at the jeanty mobile clinic-- people wait here inside the church, finally they get up here to fill out some medical paperwork. 23:10:24 then they wait here on the side of the church so they can come see the doctor")) doctor")) 23;14:42 chrissa speaks creole creole dr. chrissa belcher has seen a lot of improvement here since the quake. quake.((chrissa: 23:17:00 there's a lot of rebuilding. there's still a lot of hope, but not the crowds of people waiting to come in with so many injuries":04)) injuries":04))baby cryingbut back at the lifeline clinic-- a critical case has come in.a
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16-month old boy wth gangrene in his toe--- and it's spreading fast.with time running out-- the baby iss rushed into surgery. his toe-- . amputated.((donald: "23:58:00 i can't put into words how that was just divine intervention. :05")) :05"))divine-- that these doctors were here-- able to 25:20 it's been a rough day. a miracle for this little boy-- and a moment that wiil forever live withheveryone in this room. the medical team stayed up and ggve that baby, named ruben, 24 hour care in the clinic for two days. days.some gooo news ---we hear he's responded welllto treatment and has been reeeased from the hospital. 3 herkleman says: "i on my firss match and just being here was exciting for me." me." the first female wrestler makks it to the second ound of the iowa state tournament - --but a male wrestler refuses
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to hit the mat with a female.... frelinghuysen says: 'nascar sponsorships have proven to be a veryyimportant recruiting tool. but some lawmakers think the army should find a cheaper way of recruiting ....why nascar races could be one car short next season ....
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fox45 skywatch weather is now at your fingerti. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore dot com. you can use fox45's powerful doppler radar to prack coming storms. the interactive tools let you see exactty when rain or snow will be over youu house. go to foxbaltimore dot com slash i-radar. 3 high winds bring down the
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the colorado spruce has stood . near the washington monument and the white house since 19978....and is lit each year by the president. park servicc officials say they're lucky the treeefell this month....since there's still plenty of time to find a new one. one member of congress thinks the government should put the brakes on spending money on nascar. minnesota coogresswoman, betty mccollum has introduced an amendment to do away with the millions of tax dollars used to sponsor nascar's number 39 mistake to wave the checkered flag on the army's nascar laps. "nascar sponsorships have recruiting tool. with some t - estimating for every dollar the government puts in nascar sponsorship it gets four dollars n equivalent in advertising in television, merchandise and other outlets" outlets" representative mccollum called capitol police after she received a fax laced with obscenities mentioning
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nascar and a noose aaound a severed head with a likeness of president ooama. a female wrestler in iowa makes history after her opponent refused to treat her like one of the guys. guys."he had the right to make his ownnchoice. he made his choice. it's not like he did what he didn't want to do." do."fourteen-year-old cassie herkleman won the first round of the iowa state wrestling tournament by default because her opponent believed he shouldn't treat a girl that way. "what exactly kept him from going after his dreams because it's a pretty big deal to give up in iowa. that's crazy. it's like giving up your chance at a state basketball title in indiana or, you know, whaling in alaska. it's like the be-all end-all right." right." herkleman lost in the sscond round five to one. she is one of tww girls to qualify for the tturnament in its 5 year history. both have now beenneliminated. 3 after the break --we continue
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this month's tribute to our champions of courage ... tonight --- we introduce you to a maa making history --- by helping baltimore's youth re-discover it .... and if you're battling the bulge --- girl scout cookies could be your worst enemy. we'll show you the cookies with the highest calorie counts... girl scout cookies may taste
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good --- buttthey're not so ggod for your waistline. waistline.somoas and tagalongs are loaded with 70 calories a'll take 30-minutes of water aerobics to burn off two of those cookies.out of all the girl scout treats --- thin mints have the lowest count --- at 40-calories apiece. if you choose to run those ccokies may not matter if you stretch before the run.... researcherssare finding that runners who first stretch for five minutes....are no less likely to get injured....than those who don't stretch... running experts, however, say it takes a lot more than five minutes of stretching to make a difference. a new study findd that &psick on the job. job. one in every eight workers surveyed admit they've been sick at least twice in the past year. most often from diarrhea or vomiting... they're forced to come to work, they say, bbcause restaurants don't offer sick leave.
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as part of blaak history month, ffx45 salutes everyday people who embody martin luther king's dreams of equality and peace.tonight, we meet a man who is ecoming a part of discovering history.louis diggs is tonight's champion of . courage. in a generation that's plagued olufisayo "dropping out of school, guns, gang fights, all this stuff that's not called for"students at randallstown high school are on a different path.1:34:42 olufisayo "i hope that we're heading to a brighter future"they know where they want to go in the future, and they'll do what it takes to get there...01:37:46 jahannah "i should learn more but what they don't know about their roots...1:21151 diigs lecture "anybody really know the history of black life in randallstown in the immediate area? nooo"could be at the olufisayo "you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you come
10:42 pm
so, they get a history ry is" lesson...1:21:43 diggs lecture "i'm gonna share with you some information especially about whereeyou live"from a man who's living history himself. historian to research and - document baltimore county's african american heritage. pleased county executive smith created a documentary on me" diggs began his journey back in time about 20 years ago. 1:40:33 diggs "i was teaching a class on researching roots in the community and the black kids in the winters lane on their history and they were so hurt"1:56:48 cheryl "louis pat and met with anybody who wanted to find out about their historyyin thhs community"over the course of time, he's written 9 books...1:48:25 diggs "8 of the books are on all 4 of the historic black communities. 8 of them. the 9th is on a black military unit from the baltimore area that has been in existence since 1879"and collected thousands of pictures.1:49:11 diggs "so many that i have to rent a storage unit for them" diggs uses these teaching tools...1:34:07 olufisayo "i feel like its just a whole new light"to touch lives.1:37:25
10:43 pm
jahannah "ever since i met him last yeaa he always makes me think about how i should take seriously"1:57:49 cheryl "what he does is to open minds, open hearts"he visits schools, churches, seeior centers, and community organizations... 1:32:22 olufisayo "he's a one man army, like he'' doing this all by himself"educating people about the pasts they never knew they had.1:37:05 jahannah "we're deprived of that knowledge. a lot of times they try to say that we're not interested in it but we're only uninterested in it because we don't know about it."1:59:45 cheryl "louis has a way of talking about the history so that it comes alive a cause that's very near and -
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dear to a young man, he dropped out school... 1:44:55 diggs "i know what they could go through and i just wanna tell boys not to do what i did. i gambled on my life."but later got his g-e-d, joiied the military, and went on to earn several degrees including a masters.a pioneer in preserving baltimore county's african american heritage...diggs s paving a path he hope others will follow.he's a champion of history...2:03:09 cheryl "because he sees how important it is whether you're young or old to embrace the beauty and the history of all people"a champion of education... 1:33:58 olufisayo "maybe when we graduate we can just carry on what he's doing"a champion of courage.1:49:49 diggs "that'' what i want, i want to inspire them." for a link to louis diggs website...log on to fox baltimore dot com slash newslinks. 3 .it's the first saturday of
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the lacrosse seaaon... johns the controversial call that phanged the course of the game... next in sports unlimited...
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lacrosse season has officially . started... .rob carlin joins us now in sports unlimited... rob... .coming up tonight on sports un. unlimited... .johns hopkins and towson meet on the first saturday of the lacrosse season... we'll how you what the blue jays accomplished that no other school has ever done....loyola was in an early hole at home to navy... were the greyhounds able to fighttback against the mids???....and he started off on the wrong foot with oriole fans... but he finished with a strong 2nd half... hear from orioles reliever michael gonzalez on how the new bullpen will fair against the a-l east....sports unlimited starts right now... the lacrosse easoo should have started yesterray.. a gorgeous 70 degree da.. instead, fans bundled up for a wind blown afternoon today at
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uuitas stadium.. as johns hopkins tried to make it 16 in a row ooer towson.. towson...hopkins' biggest.. or, at least, most well known fan.. patriots coach bill belichick at the game...1st quarter... towson down 2... matt hughes.. from behind the cage... does a nice job staying out of he crease... which would become an issue a little later...tigers down a goal....2nd quarter... tied at 3... towson's carl icona..nice move on phil castronova.. rifles it far corner.. his 1st goal of the year... it was tied at 4 at the half....3rd quarter... chris boland for hopkins.. behind the goal.. splits the defense.. comes out front..the point blank shot.. but travis love makes the save of the ggme..the winters mill alum stones the boys' latin grad... love finished with 10 saves....7 minutes gone in the 2nd half without any scoring... until blue jays senior captain kyle wharton changes that... whips it past love..his 2nd of the game... hop u


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